Who we are

Scaggiante foundation (beyond the dim) is a start-up which is researching on the Spring Thunder, a machine that came up by an idea of Edoardo Scaggiante, chemical engineer with a Master of Science at the Technisce Universiteit of Eindhoven, which aims to repel the clouds from the sky and bring constant sunlight to the Netherlands. Based on our calculations, the sunlight can be increased up to 2.9 times, decreasing the cost of photovoltaic to the level of Spain and South Italy. There are many other application of the Spring Thunder for the air depolution of cities, tackling desertification by inducing rain in arid regions like Africa or simply guaranteeing sunlight during outdoor events.


The machine works according to the principle of the magnetic buoyancy. When two concentric magnetic fields of different intensities interact, they create a gradient and a force is generated. The magnetic gradient is able to repel all diamagnetic compounds (H2O, CO2, N2, H2 ecc…) because of the difference in magnetic susceptibility. Recent studies attribute to the magnetic buoyancy as the origin of gravity.

The magnetic fields are generated in a plasma reactor, which aims to imitate the behaviour of the Sun. They are then drifted via a special nanocoated cable to an emitter which scatters them to the clouds.

The idea of moving clouds was already thought by other scientists in the past: Nikola Tesla is the most famous. Testimonials claim that he succeeded, but the way how he achieved this is still unknown because his documents were confiscated by the FBI after his death.

Beyond the dim aims to develop the theory of the magnetic buoyancy with application to weather control. We want to point out to all the readers that our research is purely pacific and doesn’t aim to use the technology for military purposes or damage the ecosystem.